Work With Promise Keepers Is One Way
Todd Shupe Has Shown Commitment To Bettering Lives

In a world where regular church attendance seems to have taken a back seat to simply not being inconvenienced, it’s important to recognize all of the good that the faithful do. That’s because some of those who go above and beyond are volunteering with organizations designed to improve lives. Among those institutions is the Promise Keepers and one of the members at the forefront of those operations is former LSU professor Todd Shupe. This Christ-center organization has affected millions of lives for the better and it’s why Shupe is so proud to be a part of those efforts.

Overall, Promise Keepers has been lending a helping hand to men all over since 1990. Under the vision of “Equipping the local church through the Word of God to empower their men to transform the world,” this organization has undoubtedly encouraged many to turn to the word of God in trying times. That means young adults and grown men alike have learned what it means to lead a pure life while supporting the mission of their local pastors. Under a mission of seven promises, those who join this effort are expected to help brothers in need, practice moral purity, build strong marriages, support their local church, honor Jesus Christ and so much more. Given the popularity of national conventions that Promise Keepers holds, the success of this institution as a force of good in the world has been proven. At its most recent 2017 gathering in Jacksonville, Florida, speakers such as NFL nose tackle Roy Miller, comedian Brad Stein and pastor Miles McPherson were among those addressing the attendees. “I have been blessed over the years to see many men dedicate or rededicate their lives to Christ at Promise Keepers and Iron Sharpens Iron conferences,” says Shupe.

The messages that Promise Keepers spreads far and wide is one that resonates with LSU’s former professor Todd Shupe. That’s because he has done a fair amount of Christian ministry work and chose to work with Promise Keepers as a way to further the cause. Among other faith-based organizations that Shupe has worked with are Grace Camp, Open Air Ministries, United Methodist Men, Walk to Emmaus, Gulf South Men, Iron Sharpens Iron and more. With these groups, former LSU lab director Todd Shupe has taught children of incarcerated parents how to fish, minister to the homeless and helped with fundraising efforts. The quality of Shupe’s character is only reinforced by the professional work he did while with LSU, which included direction of a testing lab that was widely used by the wood products industry to obtain approval of wood-based products, fasteners, insulation, and other building codes from the American Wood Protection Association or The International Code Council. For his work there, Todd Shupe was lauded by a former consultant for his “industrial sense of urgency” when it came to running the facility. Shupe was recently elected as a Fellow to the prestigious International Academy of Wood Science and President of the Society of Wood Science and Technology. Shupe enjoys his leadership role in building green houses for tomorrow but especially enjoys his servant role in building God’s kingdom for today.

Todd Shupe is the President of and is a well recognized expert on wood-based housing and wood science.  Shupe worked as a  professor and lab director at LSU for over 20 years. He is active in several ministries including his Christian blog Todd is the Secretary of the Baton Rouge District of United Methodist Men, Database Coordinator for Gulf South Men, and volunteer for the Walk to Emmaus, Grace Camp, Iron Sharpens Iron, Open Air Ministries, HOPE Ministries food pantry. Todd is currently preparing to be a Men’s Ministry Specialist through the General Commission of United Methodist Men.